Easy Database Deployment

Servantt is the WinMerge for synching your SQL Servers to version-controlled scripts.

Servantt is a tool for Developers, DBAs and Data Administrators that makes it easy to reverse-engineer your database objects, compare database to the scripts, update the scripts or apply the changes to the SQL server.

Now you can keep track of your SQL objects in your favorite version control (Git, TFS, Subversion, SourceSafe, etc), and quickly deploy those changes back to the SQL server.

Track your SQL objects

Control your Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Triggers, and much more, in the same way as you control your source code.

Controlled Deployment

Deployment to production can be restricted to version controlled scripts and controlled changes. Developers don't need access rights on production servers anymore. Auditors can trace the responsible for each change.

DBA Review/Approval

DBAs or Data Administrators can easily review the differences before running scripts in production environment. No need to review a huge script for every small change.

Full of nice features

Some nice features that will facilitate your work:

  • Scripts all objects into a standard and logical structure in file system. Comparisons and version-control are only possible when all developers use the same convention.
  • Scripts do not contain environmnent-specific info, so you can compare only what really matters. No database names, system-generated names, or column order differences.
  • Table columns are ordered alphabetically (after primary key columns), so you can compare only what really matters.
  • Object identifiers are normalized with fully qualified names (with schema) and surrounded by brackets. No more worries about creating an object under the wrong schema.
  • SQL Server scripts can be compared to working folder scripts, and differences can be either applied to the Database (creating or updating objects) or to the Scripts.
  • WinMerge is integrated into context-menu so that it's easy to compare between the SQL Server and the working folder.
  • All scripts are created using "CREATE", but Servantt automatically replaces by ALTER when necessary. No more worries about replacing CREATE vs ALTER on each environment.
  • No more dropping/recreating objects. Objects are updated using ALTER so you don't have to worry about losing permissions or scripting different permissions for each environment.
  • Dropping of objects is fully supported. Dropping an object will delete the corresponding script from the working folder, and vice-versa.
  • Working folder can be connected to any version-control like Git, Subversion, TFS, Sourcesafe, or any other. You can even work without version-control.
  • Fixes carriage-return differences (bug in SQL Management Studio).
  • Extracts triggers and tables individually.


Servantt Lite is a freeware tool for helping you correctly keep your SQL objects into source control.
It is fully functional, does not have any limitation, and is free for personal and commercial use. And will always be free.


Servantt Professional is a totally different beast, a more complete product targeted at deployment automation.
It's in final development phase and will have very different features:

  • Change Requests, Management Approval, Scheduling, Rollbacks
  • Deployment to IIS Web Servers
  • Deployment to SQL Databases (using the structure created by Servantt Lite)
  • Deployment to GAC, Windows Services, and COM+
  • Configurable permissions and roles (e.g.: Change Managers, System Admins, Database Admins, etc)
  • Tracks all deployments, comply with audit requirements, and mitigate risks

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What People Are Saying

Feedback from the first users has been awesome!

Rodrigo Ratan

Software Developer

Keeping SQL objects into Source Control has never been so easy! I loved the WinMerge feature, it won't let you forget any changes in your development database.

Marcelo Oliveira

Software Developer

That's a great tool for companies where developers cannot apply scripts to production. Much easier (and yet more useful) than SQL Management Studio scripting.

Jeff Andrews

Database Admin

Now when developers send me scripts to run in production environment I can review their changes (mostly for performance and naming standards) and prepare rollback scripts in a few minutes! That was so much more difficult before.

Servantt Principles

Servantt Professional allows enterprises to update their server applications with no pain. With an intuitive interface you can plan the deployment steps, get management approvals, and quickly upgrade your apps into your production and staging servers.

Real-world corporations

You don't need to setup Continuous Integration, develop complex branching processes, or even change your app versioning processes. Developers don't need to create installers/uninstallers for every single update.

You can continue working exactly as you do (even with legacy technologies!)- it just works.

No programming required

You don't need to learn a new programming language, design complex workflow, edit XML files, or debug scripts.

Everything is designed through interfaces identical to the ones that you already use. Do you know how to use Windows Explorer, Copy-Paste, SQL Server? That's all you need

Integrated Database changes

You don't need to develop custom deployment scripts just for updating frequently modified SQL artifacts, like stored procedures, views and functions.

SQL artifacts are deployed exactly like files: backup of previous revisions are made, artifacts are automatically updated, and rollback quickly restores previous revisions if needed.

Management and Approval

It's not an automation toy that only Software Engineers could understand and benefit from.

It has full management features that allow highly-configurable permissions and approval for Change Managers, Server Administrators, Database Administrators, and much more. Track all deployments, comply with audit requirements, and mitigate risks easily.

Why would you want Automated Deployments?

Frequent software releases are important for most companies to stay competitive, and also important for dealing with highly-demanding users. Release processes tipically involve multiple roles, such as the developers (software engineers), the change manager and committee, operations team (network administrators), and database administrators. This is usually a very tedious, slow and repetitive process, in which the main risk is human error, not only in the planning phase but more frequently during the execution phase. Automation will shorten your release cycle, allowing you to deliver more features, reducing drastically the cost of releases and reducing downtime both for executions and rollbacks.

The Pareto Principle

Other deployment solutions are generic automation/workflow tools that propose to automate every kind of operation in your datacenter, including first-time-installations, database maintenance, and everything else. Obviously, the price to pay for such a a generic solution is that it's extremely difficult to design even basic tasks.

Servantt is focused only in updating existing applications, which obviously is much more frequent than first-time installations, and is exactly the critical activity where you need to avoid errors and reduce downtime.

Since planning a deploy is a piece of cake, developers can focus on what they do best: develop software!